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A lease and title analyst is engaged in the interpretation and management of terms ...

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Petroleum industry news, upcoming events, and internet access points.

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Seminars and workshops permit the Analyst to expand their knowledge and skills.


education The evolving trends and technological advances require the Analyst to stay up to date ...
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certification Our industry created a voluntary Certification Program which provides a reliable standard ...
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The Association of Lease and Title Analysts (ALTA) is a nonprofit organization. We serve the Greater Houston area analytical community.

ALTA was formed in 1981 and today is comprised of nearly 600 members representing over 100 corporations and independent contractors. Monthly meetings and seminars are offered, to the members and the general public, which broaden the knowledge and skills of the Analyst. The Oil and Gas industry is impacted on an ongoing basis by new types of agreements as well as changes in industry practices due to evolving technological advances. ALTA works to bring these changes in existing case law, new state laws, as well as industry trends and technological shifts to its members.

We help to promote the profession, raise industry awareness, provide for the exchange of information and increase the stature of the Analyst within the industry.