About ALTA

The Association of Lease and Title Analysts (ALTA) is a nonprofit organization. We serve the Greater Houston area analytical community. Our mission is to:

  • Promote the status and professional recognition of the Lease and Title Analyst within the petroleum industry and the community.
  • Enhance public relations and communications between petroleum industry firms, their personnel, and the general public with whom the analysts interact.
  • Further the education, knowledge and interests of the Lease and Title Analyst through the exchange and dissemination of information relative to the petroleum industry.
  • Provide opportunities for the professional growth of its members.

ALTA is affiliated with the National Association of Lease and Title Analysts (www.nalta.org) which sponsors an annual conference and a voluntary certification program.

Why Choose Us?

We facilitate the growth and development of the lease and title analyst via:

  • Problem solving workshops and seminars
  • Annual certification reviews/exams
  • Informative newsletter
  • Networking opportunities
  • Career openings

Membership provides for these as well as many other benefits.

Being an Analyst

A lease and title analyst is engaged in the interpretation and management of terms and conditions contained in a variety of agreements utilized in the oil and gas industry. An analyst is expected to be grounded in traditional industry contracts such as joint operating agreements, farm-ins and farm-outs, unitization agreements and orders, and a variety of assignments which impact the oil and gas lease. Analysts exhibit a mastery of technical provisions and conditions, contained within traditional and custom oil and gas lease forms, as well as the capacity to interpret specialty clauses or provisions which impact the management of the agreement. The oil and gas lease provides the foundation for title in assets of a company and is fundamentally the responsibility of the lease and title analyst to utilize appropriate documentation and effective controls which will maintain the asset whether classified as productive or non productive. For public companies, the management of leasehold positions is reported annually to the Securities and Exchange Commission.